My Goals for 2016...What are Yours?


My Goals for 2016!


Goals for 2016

Source: More ‘me time,’ in 5 easy steps – Chicago Tribune

For years I have been struggling with “me time” and trying to eek out what I refer to as “me moments” . Each day poses a different opportunity for those moments to actually take place or not take place while doing what I consider “must do” activities of daily living.

This morning actually three items came across my “feed”, one from the Today Show, one from the Chicago Tribune print newspaper that arrived at my door and one from my Chicago Now blogger colleague Mary Tyler Mom. Each talked about “me time” albeit in three different ways.

The first few weeks in the new year always feature goals. This year the “trending” goals for 2016 seem to include how to fit in “me time”, why we need “me time” and suggestions of things to do for myself during “me time”.

For me, the goal that makes sense is, to achieve more “balance” in my life by realizing my special gifts and allowing them to flourish in the “me moments” that I carve out of my day for myself or the moments that happen at a red light or a traffic jam, or even at a school pick-up.

Looking back on the moments of 2015 and building on the moments of 2016, I am called to remember a story that Kathie Lee Gifford shared after her husband Frank died in August. She recalled a trip they made to the Holy Land and the place where David slew Goliath with a stone. It was a metaphor for finding your gift which if you use it properly can possibly make the world a better place.


“Frank would want you to do this today: If you see a stone today, pick it up and ask yourself, ‘What is my stone? What is my gift that I can use to make this world a better place?’ ” she said.

I find recognizing my own gifts help me to use my “me moments” when I get them.

In her book, “My Fringe Hours” Jessica N. Turner makes suggestions in how to identify and use your “me-time”. She says to resist comparing yourself to others,

“Comparison breeds resentment, not healthy living.”Which brings us to the second point. Be you. “Embrace your own abilities, and learn to enjoy the strengths of others without pressuring yourself to make them your own…”

So in these initial weeks of 2016, if you find yourself without a destination in your personal life due to taking care of the tasks of daily living each of which can be important in and of themselves. Or you find yourself caregiving multiple generations in your family due to your ability to take on this necessary task, please know that you are not alone in finding time to meet your need of some “me moments”.

So don’t waste your time comparing yourself to your friends or others who seem to have their goals neatly listed with steps to accomplish them all detailed…

Be yourself and make the moments in your day count by finding your “stone” and sharing it with those you touch and by cultivating moments to deepen your gifts by reading, exercising, spending time with friends or anything that makes you feel good about yourself.

I wish you all the best for a successful 2016!


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