Wishing you all a little Happiness

                                                                                        Wishing you all a little Happiness


“And a Merry Christmas to all and to all a Goodnight! ”  Santa

This time of year we are all tricked into thinking that


Happiness is all around us.


Of course the truth is that not everyone is happy at holiday time!


Happy Holidays is not even possible for many folks.


So do we just not wish our friends and acquaintances a Merry Christmas or Happy New Year!


Not a all.

That would be ridiculous…Right?


Maybe…just maybe…


We should recognize that there are those among us who do not have the same capacity for being happy


eludes them.

(Some of our most famous and creative artists suffered from depression.)

On this Christmas Eve

I will step into Christmas Past where I will linger in the happiness and the sadness of those moments.

I will then visit Christmas Present where life is somewhat chaotic but generally good sprinkled with moments of melancholy.

My home is decorated with the ornaments of the past and the present.

Christmas future remains a mystery except for the joy that is shared in the celebration of the Nativity


all its Wonder…

A blink of the past, a glint of the moment and wink to the future!




Is this happinessThere’s a problem with this schema: life is, in fact, often very difficult no matter how lucky or privileged or virtuous we are. Yes, it is filled with joy and pleasure and excitement. But also with pain, suffering, anger and disappointment. Because our consumer culture wants us to believe that we can have heaven on earth, it goes for upbeat. And in the process, you might say, it collapses the keyboard. Eighty-eight keys, but our cultural tunes pound one note — you know that one with the smiley emoticon.

Source: Redefining Happiness For Real Life | Cognoscenti

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