Post Cataract Surgery...The Better to See You With!

Well last week I had cataract surgery.


Post Cataract Surgery Sunglasses

Post Cataract Surgery

The results are amazing!

With help from my doctor I chose the corrective lens that would give me the most versatile correction. That means that I can now read, see the dashboard when I am driving (to keep me from speeding) and see distance. The vision in my left eye is 20/10. It has never been better since I was in 5th Grade.

The caveat here is the cost factor which I mentioned in a previous post. The superior correction was not covered my my insurance, nor is it covered my Medicare. Insurance and Medicare only pay for minimal correction which would then require me to wear contacts or glasses for reading until death do we part. As I said before this SUCKS. There is no value put on quality or convenience of not having to wear glasses or contacts.

If you happen to have a health spending account you might be able to use it to pay for the additional costs should you choose the most versatile lens.

I love to take photos and consider photography my hobby. My new lens will allow me to be camera aim ready at all times.

As for the recovery after surgery, it was really no big deal. I went home with an eye patch but was able to remove it as soon as I arrived at home. I continue to use eyedrops four times a day until they run out, about 4 weeks. The only restrictions are no heavy lifting and no swimming, no problem here.

I did get these post-op sun glasses to protect my eyes which came along with a protective eye patch to wear at night x three nights. You get your own little bag which reminds me of my mother and her cataract replacement.

Cataracts 2 Cataracts 1

So if you have need for cataract surgery.

  • Get a good eye doctor.
  • Discuss your lens choices-you might want to start a “Cataract Savings Club” to afford the lens that works best for you.
  • Follow your post-op instructions.
  • Do not worry.

Thanks for reading!


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