Compromised Vision...with a Kickstarter

A Kickstarter for Better Vision

new vision

For about six months my vision has been compromised by a fast changing cataract. I am no stranger to surgery so I signed up for it on July 1st knowing that there  will be time enough to recover and enjoy the Fourth of July Fireworks here in the burbs.

In September we are looking forward to a new baby…a grandson, so it will be great to be able to see him without a cloud over my eye. My photography will be easier as well, especially with a new lens in my eye. I love taking pictures and newborns are one of my favorite subjects.

Today was my doctor’s visit to determine the measurements and correction that will be possible. It all looks good to me except for the fact that insurance will not cover the lens that will give me the optimum vision correction. Doesn’t that suck…insurance wants me to wear glasses and corrective contacts forever because of course they do not pay for those either. You can imagine my disappointment when the doctor told me that her top choice lens and mine would be an out of pocket expense. It will cost several thousand dollars for the first cataract replacement lens and then when I need the second eye done it will cost the same or more.

Hopefully since I am a relatively young grandma, as the doctor puts it I will get my money’s worth if I choose the most expensive and most versatile lens replacement during my cataract surgery. What a sad way to have to justify having maximum vision.

Here’s to a new baby with new vision.

P.S. Maybe I should have a Kickstarter!

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