Always thinking of Mom...

Mom is Forever


1928 – James Madison High School – Brooklyn, New York

Everyday since my mother died 14 years ago I think about her and I miss her.

She was my anchor

She was my friend

She always forgave

She was a great listener

She was a reader

She was a hard worker

She was devoted

She gave me a love of life

She gave me the gifts of Faith, Hope and Charity

She had a peace about her

She was always faithful to God and her family

She loved and missed herĀ mom

I respected her

I loved her

I helped her

I took care of her when she needed it

I said good bye to her

I let her go to God peacefully

I talk to her still

I ask her to watch over me and my family

I lean on her now

I believe I will see her again.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom



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