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Free Movie Streaming Service - Kanopy

Happy Thursday everyone! I wanted to quickly pop on here and tell you about another free movie streaming service I just discovered that you can use with your library card. I first wrote about getting music, books, and movies for free from your library back in May of 2016: getting-books-and-music-for-free While reading an article today,... Read more »

Would You Buy a Subscription for Unlimited Movie Tickets for $10 a Month?

Yesterday, I saw that AMC was trying to fight a company who is offering a subscription service for unlimited movie tickets for $9.95 a month. It sounded too good to be true but as a movie fanatic, it peaked my interest. The company is called MoviePass and their unlimited movie ticket subscription used to cost... Read more »

Thrifty Lessons from My Parents

Recently, I’ve been thinking about all the ways my parents have shaped me into the woman I am today. I’m very thankful that I am well-educated, practical and street smart. I hope I can be half as good as my parents have been to me, to my own children someday. Some of the things my... Read more »

How to Save Money on Theater Tickets

How to Save Money on Theater Tickets
It’s that time of year again and Broadway in Chicago will be starting its new theater season with a crop of new shows. This season, they are finally bringing Hamilton to Chicago, although without Lin Manuel Miranda. I’ve been hearing about the Broadway in Chicago season subscription for a few years now and finally bit... Read more »

Starting Out With A Bang

First of all, welcome to Thrifty Girl’s Guide to Chicago! I’m so glad you are reading this. So, to celebrate my blog, I thought I would start out with what I consider to be one of the best kept secrets in Chicago. I’m a little hesitant to share this but with movie ticket prices only... Read more »