About Dana

Hi, I'm Dana and I'm a young professional living "thrifty" and working in Chicago!  Thrifty Girl's Guide is for you if you love saving money and getting the most bang for your buck while living life to the fullest. I started this blog because I was constantly getting asked by friends and family how I was finding out about events and free stuff in the city. I was surprised to find that no one else was writing about how to get the most out of the "7th most expensive city in the world."

Chicago can be expensive, if you let it. Even though I live in one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the city, I find that I am always looking for the best deal and ways to save money in other areas of my life. I love to travel, cook, shop and spend time with friends and family.

With my blog, you will be able to find valuable tips for living well "beyond a budget." There are so many free or low cost events and happenings around the city and I want to bring them into the open for the masses to enjoy. Whether your interest is DIY, cooking or finding new recipes, entertainment or nightlife, there will be something for you on The Thrifty Girl's Guide.

Have any tried and true tips for living "thrifty" in Chicago? Feel free to tweet me at dfelix08 or comment on my posts. I would love to hear your ideas!