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First off, this is not an ad, I just wanted to write about this because I had such a positive experience. If you live near downtown Chicago, you have probably noticed Capital One Cafe’s going up. Aside from offering amazing Pete’s coffee (and my fave Matcha Lattes), they offer tons of free banking and money management services. You do not have to be a Capital One member or cardholder in order to take advantage of these services, which is awesome.

Recently, I’ve been trying to budget and save money in order to meet my long-term goal of becoming a Digital Nomad. It’s no secret that I would eventually like to travel while working remotely. In the past, I’ve tried many different money management tools and apps to no avail. I can never seem to stay within my budget or even know how much my budget should be.

I was looking into the services at these Capital One Cafe’s and saw they offer free Money Coaching sessions. You get up to three sessions to work with a professional regarding your personal money goals. Yesterday, I had my first session and it was not as I expected but in a good way. I would describe it more as a therapy session around your emotions surrounding money and what you want to do with it.

My coach took me through several money management tools that included placing my expenses into spending buckets (necessary, unnecessary, what I want to spend less on, etc.). This was so helpful for me because I’m a very visual learner. I’ve never seen my expenses laid out in this way and it was mind-blowing. I also set up a money journey that included planning out where I am now, to where I want to be eventually.

The best part about these sessions is that it’s not a sales pitch. They are honestly trying to help you understand your finances and how to overcome any emotional baggage you have around them. I can’t wait to schedule my next session and get started working on my goals.

Here’s the link if you want to schedule your own Money Coaching session:

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