Idiot-proof Money-saving Apps

I’ve recently come across several money-saving apps and Chrome browser extensions that help me save money. They are so super easy that anyone can use them.

Ratuken Slice: Slice– I’ve had this on my phone for a while but never really understood the full potential until today. This is a great app for helping to manage your packages. It connects to your Google/email account to automatically import all your shipping information for incoming packages. It stores all your packages in one list so you can track them and then it sends you notification updates on the delivery status.

The best part is that it will tell you when the price has dropped on your recent purchases. You can set up the app to automatically contact the companies on your behalf for a small fee or you can do it manually yourself. The site drafts an email for you and all you have to do is contact the company. For example, I recently bought an office chair off The app let me know that the price had dropped by $10. I sent an email to Walmart support and within the hour they had processed the refund for the difference.


eBates: – I just started using this Chrome extension recently and I don’t know why I was so reluctant to try it. You download the extension and for every shopping site you visit, a notification pops up to activate eBates cash back for your purchase. EBates has partnerships with all the big shopping sites and I have only come across a few sites where they do not have partnerships. After you build up a cashback balance, eBates sends you a check. So, basically, it’s like getting free money for purchases you are already making.


Dosh: – Dosh is a great app that is similar to eBates. It gives you cashback by connecting to your credit cards. If you tend to use your Debit card for everyday purchases like me, just note that the transaction needs to be run as credit at point of purchase. Otherwise, this seems like a great way to earn cash back for daily purchases. PayPal is an investor in Dosh, so it is very secure as well.


Let me know what apps/extensions you use in the comments.

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