My Favorite Day of the Year

It’s that time of year again; the start of the holiday shopping season otherwise known as Black Friday! This is my absolute favorite day of the year and no, I’m not one of those crazy people who camp outside a store overnight. Although, I have gone to Walmart on Black Friday at 2 am to snag a good deal in year’s past.

I wanted to provide some tips on Black Friday that you can use even if you are a Black Friday veteran like myself:

  1. Always make a shopping list beforehand. This helps you to stay on a budget as well as keep track of what you need to buy for each person on your holiday gift list. You can easily do a Google search for “Black Friday ads 2017” that will bring up tons of hits for sites that scan each store’s ad. Most of the sites are even searchable now, so you can find a specific item without looking through all the ads themselves, which can be overwhelming.
  2. Compare prices- The Black Friday ad sites will help you to compare which stores have the best deals on which items. You should also compare these prices with current online prices. Even though it pains me to say this; you don’t always get the best deals of the year on Black Friday. This leads me to my next tip:
  3. Wait for Cyber Monday, if you are looking to buy electronics. This is the day when you can shop online for all of the Black Friday deals that were in-store, especially on electronics. Websites like Amazon and New Egg usually offer hefty discounts on this day.
  4. Have fun but don’t overdo it- If Black Friday is not your thing, you can still get most of the same deals online. Keep track of your favorite brands’ and stores’ social media accounts. They usually start offering coupon codes and deals the week leading up to Black Friday.

What deals are you going to score on Black Friday? Let me know in the comments if you love or hate this day.

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