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Ever since Napster, people have been trying to figure out ways to get music for free. I’ll admit I’ve tried Limewire and it’s variations in the past. But now that there are so many other streaming free services, I don’t feel the need to download albums or songs. Here are a few services for music and media that I really like:

-iHeartRadio- This lets you listen to FM and internet radio stations from across the US. They also have a neat feature where you can create a radio station based on an Artist, Song or Album. Unlike Pandora, the ads are less intrusive and give you more of the artist’s music that you want to listen to. I especially love iHeart because you can listen to morning radio shows from other parts of the country since the ones in Chicago can be a little grating.

-Freegal- this is a service in which you need a local library card to use. It allows you to download up to 5 songs or music videos a week. If you’re someone who needs to own your music, this is a great option for you. They have a lot of current Top 40 hits but I’m not sure how extensive their collection is, if you’re looking for oldies.

-Hoopla- this is also a free service included with your library card. Hoopla is an app that lets you borrow all different types of media for free. They offer movies, music, TV shows, audio books, ebooks and comics. You are limited to 12 rentals per month but I haven’t had an issue with going over that amount yet.

-Overdrive-  this is another free library service that allows you to borrow ebooks and audio books from your local library.  I love this service because it allows me to borrow current bestsellers from the comfort of my home. If I had to go pick up a book from a library, I probably would find some excuse and not end up reading the book at all. You are limited to wait lists and hold time maximums, however.

-3M Cloud Library- this service is very similar to Overdrive but I feel like the book selection is better. They have all the book club books, if that’s what you’re into. Also, the wait times don’t seem as long and there seems to be less wait times in general.

What media sites or apps do you like? Let me know in the comments!

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