Taking a leave of absence

Hey Thriftstylers! Well, I am going to live the ultimate “travel without breaking the bank” experience: I was offered and accepted a job performing on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship! So I’ll be gone from 11/24/12 through 9/21/13 rehearsing in Florida and then cruising around the Eastern and Western Caribbean. Internet will be shaky at... Read more »

Thriftstyle Adventures: How to travel and not break the bank

Newsflash: I like traveling, thriftstylers. I like visiting friends. I like seeing and experiencing new things. I love Chicago, don’t get me wrong. But its fun to see NYC a couple times a year. And I’m saving up money to get back to Spain in the (hopefully) near future. Another newsflash: You don’t have to... Read more »

Thriftstyle Convenience: Pay less with a little extra work!

Life in this day and age is a lot more convenient than it was even 5 or 10 years ago (not to even mention how much more convenient it is compared to the lives of our grandparents or great-grandparents). If you live in a larger town or big city, there are hundreds of ATMS, stores,... Read more »

Thriftstyle Waste: Stop spending on the things you don't use

This post is another in a long line of “stop spending on the things you don’t need” posts. And there will be plenty more of them. Because, as we all know, the key to spending on the things you WANT is to be insanely frugal about the things you don’t use/need/want/care about. So here are... Read more »

Thriftstyle Fall Wardrobe: Village Discount Outlet Clearance Sale!

This past weekend (9/22) was my second Village Discount Outlet half-price sale (well, third if you count the time I inadvertently went to one on Father’s Day) and I. Am. Hooked. I was able to update my fall wardrobe — and I spent less than $35. And, just to prove that I’m not walking away... Read more »

Thriftstyle Happiness: Spending on smiling

I’ve talked a lot on this blog about what makes me happy. I’m certain that what makes me happy is not what makes you happy. But the specifics aren’t important. What is important is figuring out how to save and spend to maximize happiness (regardless of what happiness is for you) and minimize stress. I’ve... Read more »

Thriftstyle Saving: Not spending money isn't always easy...but it can be fun!

Its my most favorite time of year: FALL! And its also my least favorite time of year: FALL! Most favorite for the crisp weather, the apples, the squash, the festivals with hot apple cider, the soups(!), the events, the wine, the cuddling under warm blankets with tea watching movies, the EVERYTHING I LOVE! Least favorite because... Read more »

Thriftstyle Living: Two great websites to save you cash!

FASHION Rent The Runway: I have mentioned this website once before, but let me mention it again. With Rent the Runway, you are able to rent designer dresses and accessories for a period of 4 or 8 days (depending on your needs) for MUCH less than the retail price. For instance, for the Joffrey’sCouture & Cocktails event... Read more »

Thriftstyle Savings: Half-price sale at Village Discount Outlets!

I. Love. Half. Price. One of the most magical things about thrift stores is that they often have half price sales. And I love these things. Because if you know where to go and you know what you’re looking for, you can wait for a half price sale and get everything cheaper than you would... Read more »

Thriftstyle clothing: Stop spending on what you really don’t need

A quick note about rethinking money. First, let me make a quick announcement about a couple books I’ve discovered and have been racing through lately. I think they are going to be very beneficial for me in writing this blog and also re-organizing my life and finances. And I think they could be very beneficial... Read more »