On Meanness and Saying Less: An Open Letter to Daniel Caesar

In a perfect world, we would all be nice to each other. But the sad reality is that, in the age of the internet especially, no one has an obligation to be nice to you. No two people are likely to completely agree on everything, and that’s okay. What makes people angry, and consequently mean,... Read more »

TWIL: Why People Still Support R. Kelly

TWIL: Why People Still Support R. Kelly
I, like many people, was enthralled and enraged by Lifetime’s docu-series Surviving R. Kelly last week. We knew about his history, but to hear the details directly from those affected was quite an experience. Watching everyone respond to it in real time was a huge part of that experience. So many people from the Chicago... Read more »

TWIL: Accessible Voting is The Best Kind of Voting

I’m the type of person who likes to know what they’re getting into before they get into it. I don’t like to feel rushed when making decisions, and I like to take my time to think about things. Voting is one of those situations that has always felt like a chore. I’ve been doing this... Read more »

TWIL: What I Don’t Like About Horror Movies

(CW: Mentions of Sexual Assault and Rape, and some bad language…sorry mom.) As the spookiest month of the year comes to an end, so does my #31DaysofHorror list I’ve accumulated over the course of the month. Horror movies are my jam, and the month of Halloween gives weird folks like me who enjoy a good... Read more »

My Favorite Thing About Halloween

This post is somewhat of a prequel to tomorrow’s post. I have always been a fan of Halloween. I love fall, I love the decorations, and I love dressing up. But I think, most of all, I love the spooks. I’m a fan of pretty much all things horror – movies, games, fiction, you name... Read more »

TWIL: Samantha Irby Is My Hero

I don’t even know where to begin. I’ve been influenced and inspired by many people over time, but boy howdy. Last year, when I decided I was going to start reading more frequently, I came across a bright yellow book of essays with a picture of a wet cat on the front. Open to just... Read more »

TWIL: You Can’t Always Separate the Artist from the Art

When I was 13, I was a huge fan of Chris Brown. He was tall, cute and talented, and he had my little adolescent heart in a vice grip. Ask any of my high school friends and they’ll tell you that I was practically obsessed with him. It was embarrassing, really. But, that’s how it... Read more »

TWIL: I’m Too Easily Discouraged

As I’ve said before, I’m not good at sticking to “New Years resolutions,” or anything even remotely similar to one. When I started this blog, my intention was to come up with a new post every week. I figured a week would give me enough time to come up with ideas, sit and mull over... Read more »

My (Current) Musical Obsession

Every so often, I get completely drawn into a body of music. There’s no particular standard of relevance – it could be an old album, a song from a movie soundtrack that relates to a current life situation, or something I heard in a Vine. Whatever it is, I end up keeping it on repeat... Read more »

TWIL: About the "Jesus Year"

As it turns out, I live under a rock. A week ago, the wonderful Issa Rae turned 33 years old. Twitter – where I seem to be spending a lot of my time – sent her an abundance of birthday wishes. Among those were well-wishes for her “Jesus Year.” At first I thought this was... Read more »