We're moving!

Earlier this year, we launched the3six5 Chicago as our first local edition. We did this for several reasons, but it was primarily to see if it could work.

The good news is that it did. The bad news is that the timing was awful. Given what’s going on in our lives, we just haven’t been able to dedicate the time or effort to building the3six5 Chicago into the powerhouse we know it can be. That said, several other local editions for the3six5 have sprouted, including the3six5 Denver¬†and our first college edition, the3six5 Sinclair.

We’re going to migrate the3six5 Chicago off of ChicagoNow sometime in the next few weeks, but just because we’re moving doesn’t mean we’re dead. Look for updates on our new blog, and also on the the3six5Chicago Twitter account.

Have a great new year; we’ll catch you on the other side!

– Daniel and Len

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