November 8, 2011: David T. Jones

November 8, 2011: David T. Jones

I always, foolishly, picture future events occurring in some kind of wonderful, zen-like, extremely focused state. Pick any random date in the future and it will blissfully, effortlessly be totally under control. But any day that goes by the name “today” is always a bit of a blur. Like today’s today.

This particular today was frantically but delightfully populated with kind, creative people. Breakfast meeting with a friend in from San Francisco. We ate at a breakfast spot that serves waffles with bacon mixed right into the batter. Genius.

A rainy day even by rainy day standards. Driving through the loop picking up my business partner Sean at the Palmer House hotel. While stuck in traffic I look up through the sunroof glass to see the buildings and raindrops co-existing in dramatic fashion. I think to myself that I should look up at things more often than I do.

We drive from the city to the suburbs for a client meeting and return in the thick of rush hour. I have the same thought I always have when I experience this, which is, “I can’t believe people do this commute thing every day.”

Day ends with an event at an art gallery in Lincoln Park. It’s been a while since those waffles and on the way there, I admit only to myself that I am looking forward to the food more than the art. I will do my best to pretend otherwise.


About the author: David T. Jones is the creator of Ad Land, a cartoon about advertising. He never writes a bio without mentioning his lovely wife, Dawn. Follow him on Twitter at @adlandjones.

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