August 6, 2011 : Billy Dec

August 6, 2011 : Billy Dec

It’s the 20th anniversary of Lollapalooza, and we are in the middle of a 3 day festival where the biggest acts in the world hit Chicago to perform in front of 90,000 screaming fans.  I own & operate the hottest restaurants & nightclubs in town (Sunda, Rockit, Underground..) with the best teams in the city, which means although our schedules are always crazy, these 24hrs are non-stop ridiculous.  A quick rundown of this day in the crazy life…
12:01a wrap big dinner w/buddy David Arquette at Sunda1a backstage at Underground doing interview w/John Legend who is hosting a huge party

130a Danny Masterson wraps killer DJ set.. Buying him a shot and putting next guy up

2a “Twilight’s” Kellan Lutz shows up w/entourage needing table we don’t have.. Inviting him to mine.

230a “Superbad’s” Chris Mintz-Plasse & “Fright Night’s” Dave Franco crash my table too.

3a Fire Dept comes in to see if we are over crowded.. Team calmly handles as we are all good.

4a Kick everyone out & off to late night bite! 9a up working to return 100 emails before off to be first one at Rockit Brunch

1130a I’m playing in Lollapalooza Celebrity Kickball Game. Elijah Wood beat me for MVP?!

1p Stopping by to network at roof party over looking city w/ “The Cults” playing

2p Back at Rockit Brunch to greet guests like rapper Nas & posse

3p Meet w/my acting agent who takes me around Lolla vip gifting suites at Hard Rock. Swag.

5p Office to respond to 100 more emails, book tables, coordinate vip guests w/staff for tonite

6p Home to power nap & shower..8p Backstage guest at Lolla for Eminem.. Inviting VIPs to Underground where his DJ plays tonight

9p Quickly run to Sunda to thank all for coming, end up doing some sake shots w/bday & bachlorette parties.. Duty calls.

10p post Lolla crowds hitting Rockit hard, off make sure management cool with the wave.

11p Running to Underground to  meet buddy Lindsay Lohan, hear Bruno Mars sing live, entertain VIP guests like Cee Lo Green..

Til 4a all over again.


About the author: Billy Dec (@BillyDec) is an Emmy Winner, Restaurant/Nightclub owner (Sunda, Rockit, Underground), Harvard Biz, Attorney, Philanthropist, Ninja, Eater, on ABC TV Thursday at 9a!

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