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The Office: "The List" - Going to California

The Office didn’t become a different show with the departure of Michael Scott last year. The change happened earlier than that, during season six I’d say, and it was more subtle. As the lens pulled back to give the growing ensemble more to do, eventually a clear focus on any individual character was bound to... Read more »

The Office: "The Inner Circle"

I take two things away from the Great Will Ferrell Experiment of Season Seven, one totally predictable, the other (maybe) pleasantly surprising. The first is that high-wattage guest stars just don’t fit in with this world – by design, it’s too insistently drab and middlebrow. The writers never quite figured out what to do with... Read more »

The Office: "Goodbye, Michael"

First, let me get the complaints out of the way. 1) Will Ferrell, once again, is a square peg in a round hole. In three episodes so far, he’s played three entirely different characters. I get that it’s a short stint and he’ll have to become unstable enough to motivate his departure, but a sudden... Read more »

The Office: "Michael's Last Dundies"

The Office: "Michael's Last Dundies"
I will give the current season of The Office credit for this much: It has done an excellent job of making me want to like episodes more than I think I actually have liked them. To be sure, there have been out-and-out duds, like last week, just as there have been diamonds in the rough,... Read more »

The Office: "Training Day"

Will Ferrell is arguably the most famous guest star The Office has ever had. His appearance had been hyped for months. And “Training Day” was the first step in the “official” leg of the Michael Scott Farewell tour. So how did this episode wind up so stultifyingly average? Part of the problem was with Ferrell’s... Read more »

The Office: "Garage Sale"

And with that, we have our answer.There was never any doubt that Michael Scott’s departure from Dunder-Mifflin would involve him and Holly riding off into some sunset. Now that we know the particulars, it’s clear that the process of maturing and softening Michael – a series-long journey in some aspects, but one which has accelerated... Read more »