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How I Met Your Mother: "The Ducky Tie" - The ties that bind

That? That made me happy. That was why I haven’t given up on How I Met Your Mother. Unlike several episodes last year, “The Ducky Tie” channeled the creative spirit of the early years rather than simply laying a few reminders and trading on fond memories. It volleyed between a real, heartfelt Ted story and... Read more »

How I Met Your Mother: "The Best Man"/"The Naked Truth"

Confession time. When I first started watching How I Met Your Mother, midway through its first season, it hit me right where I lived. I related so distinctly with Ted’s situation—best friends engaged, weary of the single life—that it was easy for the show to sink its emotional hooks in me. As HIMYM‘s much-lamented (and... Read more »

How I Met Your Mother: "Landmarks"

How I Met Your Mother adores delivering themes in metaphor form (think back, for just one example, to “Milk,” one of the strongest episodes from season one). This can be a double-edged sword. When it works, it’s both sensible and sly, a moral that you don’t quite see coming. When it doesn’t work, when the... Read more »

How I Met Your Mother: "The Perfect Cocktail"

Future Ted has always emphasized that the story of how he met his wife is also the story of how he became the man he needed to be to meet her. Partly this is out of the writers’ need to keep the conceit of a hit show going, partly out of those writers’ intrinsic romantic... Read more »

How I Met Your Mother: "The Exploding Meatball Sub"

The challenge the writers of How I Met Your Mother have faced with the Ted-Zoey relationship – since it’s established from the outset that she isn’t The Mother – is how to keep it interesting even though we know it’s doomed. For a while, that challenge was ably met in the person of Kyle MacLachlan,... Read more »

How I Met Your Mother: "Legendaddy"

As we all learned in English 101, “plot” is what a story is about, and “theme” is what a story is about. The plot of How I Met Your Mother – a man tells the story of meeting his wife, with plenty of detours – has never been as important as the theme – a... Read more »