Mad Men: "Mystery Date" - Hide and Seconal

Welcome back to the weekly Mad Men discussion roundtable, in which I’m joined by my friends Cory Barker of TV Surveillance and Les Chappell of A Helpless Compiler. A bit tardy this week, I apologize, but without further ado, please enjoy our thoughts on “Mystery Date.”   Andy: So, fellas: Did we really watch this... Read more »

Justified: "Coalition" - It's a Mags, Mags, Mags, Mags World

A somewhat abbreviated edition of the Harlan County Power Rankings this week due to time concerns, but with so many loose ends being tied up in the penultimate episode of the season, it’s worth seeing where things stand heading into next week’s finale. ↑ Scaling the Mountaintop  Limehouse: So much for having to worry about... Read more »

The night is dark and full of podcasts

Looks like these Mad Men / Game of Thrones post-mortem double feature podcasts are going to become a regular thing! I know literally threes of you are ecstatic for this. Join Julie Hammerle, Andrew Daar, and yours truly as we venture from the blood-strewn streets of King’s Landing to the considerably tidier corridors of Sterling... Read more »

Mad Men: "Tea Leaves" - Sundae, Betty's sundae

In this week’s Barker Chappell Daglas Roundtable Review, Les Chappell thinks everybody must get stoned and Cory Barker endorses the probing of young girls. Once again, it’s up to yours truly to bring a little class to the proceedings. Les hosts the discussion this week at his blog, A Helpless Compiler. Here’s an excerpt: Les,... Read more »

TV Tandem Podcast: Mad Men of Thrones Edition

By popular demand, the TV Tandem (Trio?) podcast returns! Julie Hammerle, Andrew Daar and I spend 40 solid minutes on the most pressing topic in the TV universe: Dickie Bennett’s hair. Nah, not really. We spend the first half discussing last Sunday’s season five premiere of Mad Men and the second half previewing this Sunday’s... Read more »

Justified: "Measures" - Everybody Hates Bobby

“Measures” moved an array of pieces into place for the homestretch of the season: a last ditch effort, a triumphant return, and the encroaching influence of Detroit (including a disarmingly hapless Michael Ironside!) are just a few of this week’s developments. With two episodes to go, where do our heroes and villains stand in the... Read more »

Mad Men: "A Little Kiss" - That's what the joie de vivre is for

As my friend and comrade in TV overthinksmanship Cory Barker so aptly put it, “The world doesn’t really need three more 4,000 word opuses on Mad Men each week.” So instead, Cory, Les Chappell and I will be joining forces, Voltron-like, to bring you one uber-opus each week in the form of a roundtable discussion. Each... Read more »

Justified: "Watching The Detectives" - Little Triggers

↑ Scaling the Mountaintop: Limehouse: Along with Mags Bennett’s money, he’s taking a page from her playbook. Hang back, keep your eyes and ears open to every detail, don’t make a move until you’ve got the full measure of your adversaries. While Boyd and Quarles have steered themselves into tight spots, Limehouse has leveraged the screw-ups... Read more »

ChicagoNow TV Tandem Podcast Episode Ten

Mysteries abound in the latest installment of the podcast with me & Julie Hammerle! Who is TV’s new NICK DALTON? Which program caused Julie’s computer to quit recording in protest of our discussion? What poorly-rated show will we slavishly implore you to watch this week? Tune in to find out – or if you prefer,... Read more »

Upcoming TV adaptations of this year's Best Picture Oscar nominees

The Artist (USA): Do you think life on the sets of 1930s Hollywood musicals was all charming banter and quirky side characters? It is for George, Peppy, and Uggie! And maybe they solve mysteries sometimes too, for some reason? The Descendants (HGTV): HGTV explores the subtle family dramas that underpin every land inheritance and real... Read more »