Mad Men: "The Other Woman" - Joanie's Choice

Three episodes to go this season for Mad Men, and this Sunday’s episode was perhaps the most contentious this season. The Barker Chappell Daglas review roundtable recovers from the holiday weekend to weigh in on “The Other Woman” over at TV Surveillance. An excerpt:

My notes at the halfway point mostly centered on how the episode seemed to lack any verve. Of course, that sentiment was flipped on its head after the second half. For all the power of those last two acts, though, it was impossible to shake the queasiness that animated nearly everything that happened throughout. Don’s Jaguar pitch was a kind of synecdoche: galvanizing, blatant, overshadowed and undercut not just by Joan’s objectification but by the O. Henrian reveal that capped the sequence. In an inverse of his famous “carousel” pitch, this one tapped into the basest impulses of its audience. I was left feeling thoroughly uncomfortable, and not necessarily in a dramatically satisfying way.

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