Mad Men: "Lady Lazarus" - Pete's draggin'

Once again, it’s time for Les Chappell, Cory Barker and me to put on a show and hope to wow Head of Desserts Mr. Belding. It’s the Mad Men roundtable on this week’s installment, “Lady Lazarus.” Cory hosts this week over at TV Surveillance. Here’s an excerpt from me:

The elevator shaft fits with much of the visual symbolism this season has bestowed, at once both obvious and oblique. As yet another harbinger of death (and an indication, perhaps, of the direction the incorporeal soul will travel). As a manifestation of Don’s pervasive feeling that things you’ve relied on are no longer where they’re supposed to be. As one more reason to feel like the bottom has plummeted out from under everyone.

Which is why I feel like a near-death would be a more potent turn of events this season. Suicide feels like too clean a getaway for Pete (or whomever). Like you said, Cory, the personal is encroaching on the professional. Problems that everyone thought they’d have pushed their way out of by now are only becoming more intractable. And knowing Matthew Weiner, I bet it’s no coincidence this is happening as the quagmire of Vietnam creeps into everyday life.

Head over to TV Surveillance to read the whole discussion.

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