Mad Men: "Far Away Places" - Friday night and trouble-bound

Les Chappell takes hosting duties for this week’s Barker Chappell Daglas Roundtable Review, in which we tackle the trio of stories that make up “Far Away Places.” Here’s an excerpt:

We disagree to varying degrees here. To me, Peggy’s story clicked as a manifestation of the career fears she expressed to Dawn in “Mystery Date.” At the same time she’s questioning whether she has the fortitude to continue in this world, Don’s absence is heaping greater responsibility on her. She’s tired of having to “act like a man,” and though it’s gotten her far, she can still be penalized for doing just that in the wrong context. Her (not irrational) frustration with Heinz could be seen as the sort of ballsy client contempt her mentor perfected, or it could be seen as a masterpiece of self-sabotage. When she’s presented with the chance to regain some measure of control – first by ditching work for the movies, then by serving up some unorthodox concessions – it’s no wonder she seizes it.*



For the full discussion among me, Les, and Cory Barker, head over to A Helpless Compiler.

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