Weekend DIY: Furniture Nails

Furniture nails are a great way to update your old furniture pieces to make them look more sophisticated and classic.  This is a great DIY project that is inexpensive and easy to do.  Most hardware stores carry them in a variety of finishes (bronze, brushed or polished nickel).  The most popular size is 7/16″ but you can find lots of specialty websites that carry an ever broader range of finishes and sizes.  Select a finish that matches your décor and find a chair, ottoman or even a table that needs a little updating.  If you don’t seem to have anything on hand, visit a thrift store or ask friends/family if they have any interesting pieces they want to get rid of.  Trust me, a little paint and some furniture nails can yield amazing results. 
The key to making your new furniture piece look professional is S-P-A-C-I-N-G!  You want to make sure that each nail is equidistant to the next.  To make this process much easier, I created a quick template that will help you space these perfectly . Simply email theurbanhostess@gmail.com with the title Template and I will send it your way!  Once you receive the template, print, cut out and place over the piece of furniture.  Hammer each of the nails in the designated space.  Once you have a row, pull the template away and start over with your next row.  Add as many or as few nails as you would like!
Looking for ideas? Check out the gallery or images I collected as inspiration.  You can accomplish many of these looks on your own.

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