Oh Baby! Gift Wrapping Ideas

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Baby showers are so fun. The best part is always seeing all the cute gifts for the baby and mom to be.   These days, with the popularity of registries, it is easy to select something off these helpful little lists so why not go the extra length to wrap the gift in something that is truly unique, cute and even functional?  It definitely beats using boxes and bags that will end in a landfill somewhere. 

Here is a gift wrapping idea for your next shower.  This can be used for kids gifts or anything you can really fit into a paint can.  It is so easy and can be used for storage. 

You will need an empty can of paint (found at all hardware stores), some ribbon and any kind of paper or gift wrap.  Simply wrap the paint can with your paper of choice.  Tie a ribbon on the side and add the gift.  You can use tissue paper to protect delicate items and keep them from moving.  For an added touch, personalize it by using a fun pen/marker or even stamps to add the child’s name on the side. 


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