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I am working on a new project, a VERY fun one…a baby nursery. This is the one space (other than a kid’s room) where your imagination should really inspire the design. Push the envelope and create that space that will make your baby go ga-ga. Think whimsical, colorful, warm and cute. You don’t have to stick to a ‘themed’ room full of cartoon characters. You can find style in retro prints, deep hues and modern furniture.

Here is a fun and easy way to decorate the walls in a baby’s room. No need to buy costly prints or frames.

DIY Prints

Materials: staple gun, scissors, four 16X16 fabric swatches, and four 14X14 canvases.

Simply find a fabric that you love (large prints always work well or you can also find different textures within the same color family). Cut four 16X16 pieces of fabric. Iron the fabric well and carefully wrap around the canvass, ensuring that the edges are nicely folded in. Using, the staple gun, secure the fabric onto the back of the canvas. Repeat on all other canvas frames.

In no time, you have created a wonderful print that is inexpensive yet stylish. This is a great way creating your own hanging accent pieces!

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