Design Trends, Animal Print

Animal print is big…you’ll see it in fashion and interiors everywhere. But how do you add a little bit of this trend to your home without going completely wild? The answer is simple…moderation. The last thing anyone wants is a jungle themed room! To avoid this, keep the animal print to one or two pieces. If you are afraid of it all together, start small. Add an accent pillow to a large couch or bed. It will blend and bring out the other colors in your space.

What most people don’t realize is that animal print is fairly ‘neutral’. Whether you use leopard, zebra, cheetah, giraffe cow etc…the colors typically range from black to tans, yellows, browns and oranges. Keep this in mind when decorating. Supplement the space with colors that add contrast and interest. Pair a zebra print with a deep or vibrant color. There is no wrong way to do it and unless you are adding animal print wallpaper (I recommend NOT doing this!) you can quickly reverse it. Once you get tired of it, you can easily swap out that pillow, rug or other decorative item with something else.

Here, you will find a picture of a small bedroom (11X13) that originally felt stale (white walls no furniture or window treatments). A dark accent wall, some white linens and a splash of animal print now make this room an inviting and chic space!





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  • Thanks for the great tip! I'm always intimidated by animal prints and feel like other people can pull it off. Deep down inside though, I do think I'd like to accent our living room with some kind of animal print. I'll let you know how it goes!

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