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Breaking Up Really DOES Hurt, So They Say

Breaking Up Really DOES Hurt, So They Say
So like most gals, when I’ve broken up with someone (or they’ve broken up with me) I’ve nursed it several ways: ice cream, going out with the girls, trying to find someone new to pass the time with… Anything to ease the sting… But, as it turns out, there’s also a PHYSICAL pain associated with... Read more »

Being Dumped Is An Attractive Quality (So It Seems...)

The last few years have been quite a colorful journey in the world of dating and romance: I’ve met and fallen a few times, in most cases when I’ve least expected it. And, while the past has bubbled up from time to time, it’s ultimately stayed where it belongs — in the past — as... Read more »

In Dating, Credentials Shouldn't Overshadow the Red Flags

When I first moved to Chicago and started dating as a “grown up,” I was admittedly looking for a “total package” guy. And yes, I’ll admit included what I thought were desirable traits would largely be ones that look good on paper and were based on what many people can find on a resume: schools,... Read more »

In Dating, Don't Ignore the Privacy Clause

Throughout all my dating experiences, there’s one personal rule I can say I’ve tried to obey: respecting privacy & mystery. And this includes all sorts of things: asking too much more about the past than I can handle, reading personal papers and definitely checking cell phones. All forms of privacy are ones I’ve tried to respect, not because I’m not dying... Read more »

You can't push a lover to come to your rescue

In the early phases of a new relationship, it’s natural to ride the “honeymoon wave”: spending tons of time together, acting lovey-dovey, constant dates, make-out sessions… It’s all sexy, a rush and a thrill. It’s hard to think that things will ever change. But soon, you see someone’s true colors come to light: the idiosyncracies,... Read more »

Overdose on Love: Fantasia Barrino's Quandary

We’re all prone to the difficulties of love — including singing sensation Fantasia Barrino, who was just recently reported to be hospitalized as a result of an accidental overdose. According to ABC’s report, Barrino, who was in an 11 month relationship with Antwuan Cook,  just received the news of being responsible for breaking up his... Read more »

Remember: In dating, you can tell when Mister or Miss Right Now won't last

In dating, it’s a pretty good bet that at one point in time, many of us may have overlooked some traits a person may possess that would be clear flags that they’re not for us — I know I have! Instead, we’ll stick in out in the hopes we’re wrong or that we may discover... Read more »

When doing the dating thing, give your intuition a chance

How often have you just had the wrong feeling about someone you’re into? You know what it is I’m talking about: a vibe, hunch or other random signs that you should be worried or run for the hills. Now, think about how many times you’ve put them aside in the hopes that you’re overthinking things... Read more »

Literally being addicted to love? Apparently so

There’s no doubt that love has its upsides — as long as you have real expectations, of course. But, love as addictive as a drug? It seems that way. I’m not referring to feelings or highs, although it’s been talked about and sung about since the beginning of time. Nope, it looks like some brainy... Read more »

New playmates in old boyfriends

During my teen years, I had this overly romanticized notion of what it would be like to start dating as an adult: going out each weekend, enjoying lavish drinks and dinners, indulging in an extended courting process before taking things to the next level… Then once you were in a relationship, it only got better... Read more »