To Pitch This Blog

I do love getting pitches if you've got a good angle for The Relationship Diva. Some of the blog posts I've loved writing have been inspired by solid pitches that sync with my content or interests. There's very little that is off the table, but not everything that great of a fit either.

That said, here are a few things to remember when pitching, which I hope will help you as you decide what you want to send my way, all in the name of trying to keep the blog authentic...

  • Stats are fun! Sure this may not have been the case in school, but I personally find stats to be pretty cool, especially when it comes to recent ones about dating, relationships, sex or whatever. And, tying it into other news trends is also cool. I like providing a bit of dating "current events" on here, too. No guarantee I will use them all but they could work.
  • Product Reviews: I've considered a product or two in the past. However, I tend to do those very rarely, unless they're directly related to a larger blog post idea. So, if you're pitching product, please make sure to offer a few angles or list suggestions, too -- otherwise, I don't make it a habit to post straight reviews.
  • Giveaways: Another rare/almost non-existent item on here. I do these few and far between, mainly because a lot of the content on this blog is really focused on insights, anecdotes thoughts and trends on dating. There's some possibility for holidays or major milestone days, but you'd need to make that clear in your pitch. For giveaways, I'd also go ahead and suggest a selection of pitch angles.
  • Movies/Shows: These I will do, because I like discussing the larger relationship themes in them. However, please be sure they have a relationship-based theme in them before sending.
  • Interviews: Again, only if relevant. These are strongly preferred if your spokesperson is speaking to a current dating/relationship trend or responding to some recent stories, etc.
  • Guests Posts: I don't include unsolicited guest posts on this blog.
  • Book Reviews: Books that deal with dating, sex and relationships are fair game. I also have a leaning towards work that targets women & men in their 20s & 30s
  • News, News, News: What is going on with your client? New announcement? Knowing that you're working on something current is always fair game.
  • Medical News: Not such a huge focus on this site. So, doctors releasing a Viagra clone won't fly on this blog. Has to be a direct fit to impacting dating, sex & relationships today.

Ultimately, I always suggest people read, read, read a selection of my posts. A lot of it is anecdotal, but digging a bit in will give you good insight. It's really about the fit. If you've never seen a post about parenting on here, then I wouldn't suggest sending me Five Tips On How To Feed Your Child...

I also highly recommend sending angles. While I always have ideas in my head, providing additional ones is also a good idea, especially since what you may see as a post and what I may see are two totally different things.
And of course, if you're still not sure, you can always shoot an e-mail to therd [at] and just ask for my opinion.

That it's for now. Happy pitching!