Cheat Sheet

In my kick-off post on the ChicagoNow network, I made reference to the fact that I use aliases for many of the people in my blog, simply to protect the innocent. It's something I've done for a long time so it seems like second nature to me to use their aliases. But I also get that keeping up with the people, events or incidents I mention on The Relationship Diva can get a little confusing. So, to help things out, I'm keeping a running list for you here as a reference. Consider this your cheat sheet in case you need a little refresher as to who people are and what certain times mean.

And don't forget to pop back often for a quick download! This will be continuously updated as recurring characters keep resurfacing on these pages... Which will happen.

With that said...

The Relationship Diva: A Glossary

(In alphabetical order)

Candace: Former co-worker and friend, she's often a partner in crime for many an outing. She's also part of a trio that consists of Isabelle and me. Nights out often include margaritas, yummy martinis, nice glasses of red wine or really, really bad Vodka drinks!

Cara: Friends with Darren and my cousin Liz, Marisol and I grew to know her through our college days. A total blast to hang with!

Casanova: An old flame I met before my ex, Charles, entered the picture. A gorgeous musician with sex appeal. And he knew it too. We had a thing, then later down the road he decides to hit on Marisol in my presence and somehow didn't think I'd catch on. Called him on it and that blew up. Now we rarely talk, but he'll once in a while surface with random things like that whole baby thing...

Caroline: Friend of Marisol's. Pretty, sweet and has no problem drawing the guys her way!

Charles: My first love. Met him a couple of years back and we fell into a very intense relationship that lasted over a year with a brief separation in between. Although it's clear we've both moved on, what we were does bubble up... (You can also gather some background here, too.)

Darren: Friends with Cara and quickly becoming a part of my weekends with Marisol. Smart guy, total partier and has a great fascination with Patron.

Isabelle: The third part of the the trio with Candace. Also a former co-worker, Isabelle is married to the sweetest guy. Gregory. Isabelle is often super logical and we share one thing in common: a love for Express clothes.

Jason: I met him right after my separation from Charles. We dated for a while, then hooked up after Charles and I ended for good, although I could never truly call him "boyfriend". Admittedly, I liked him a lot, and for a while let myself fall for all his game. I caught up quick enough, though... (Some background can be found here.)

Jordan: Friends with Veronica. For a while it looked like things would happen between them but as of now that ship has sailed. Cute guy, smooth talker but definitely enjoying his bachelorhood, it seems. (Personally, I'm thinking he's still into Veronica but we'll see)

Josie: My younger cousin. We grew up in the same house for a lot of our lives, which makes us very much like sisters. She lives in New York but pops up from time to time when she comes into Chicago. She's also come to my rescue at random times, like this one.

Katrina: A former co-worker from my very early working days. We're still super tight and she's a great rational voice when I need it.

Marisol: My old college pal and roommate who, after a long-term relationship, has been back on the single scene for a couple of years and is now my partner-in-crime for many of my weekend antics. I've known her for about 10 years... Yet some of her actions can still amaze the living daylights out of me.

Sav: My boyfriend! You'll read stories about how our worlds clash -- and how we try to make it work. Never a dull moment!

Shelly: Friend and colleague of Marisol, who I've come to know through our dating scene outings. Never know what will transpire!

Suzy: Marisol's younger sister and has grown to be a friend of mine. Just as strong a persona as Marisol, although quite as bold with the boys.

Tasha: Former colleague, but still a friend and whom I've had a chance to get closer to since we stopped working together, oddly enough. She's usually up for a good time and is such a blast. And, I admire her for always having a new guy waiting in the wings.

Veronica: An old friend I met in the early stages of the working game. We remain close and have definitely had our fair share of dating adventures!

Vincent: An old high school flame. Sparks were once ignited but we realize we're best off as friends. He comes to me for advice from time to time, some of which I gave him just recently with his current girlfriend. (For history on him? Try here.)

Vivian: Former grad school classmate who lived in Chicago for a few years, with her boyfriend and another friend and classmate, Ben. She's since relocated for law school, but may pop up from time to time.