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Breaking Up The Right Way, You Say?

Break ups are a total downside to relationships, obviously. So, how would end it with someone you’re not romantically linked to but has a role in your life? This may be where you have to consider a little etiquette, which is exactly what The RD chatted about on ABC Chicago’sWindy City Live recently! Check it out!... Read more »

Love In the Digital Age: A Look at HBO's "When Strangers Click"

Love In the Digital Age: A Look at HBO's "When Strangers Click"
Admittedly, while I’ve tapped into it once or twice, I’ve never been that big a fan of online dating. For me, there’s something about meeting someone by accident or when you least expect it that seems organic, natural and easy. And, while I rely heavily on the internet, I do it more for communication than... Read more »

On Dr. Oz Tomorrow: Dangers of Stress in a Relationship

This just in, a public service announcement from The Relationship Diva: In a relationship? Stressed out about it? Apparently, it can take quite the toll on your body, causing a lot of serious health issues. And, if this may be you, then you may want to check out Dr. Oz tomorrow, who may shed a... Read more »

TLC's "Strange Sex" series profiles quirky sexual behaviors and attraction

When we think about sex, it’s not often too off the wall: some fantasies, maybe being with that special one (or two special someones, depending on what turns you on), different positions that can take you to whole new euphoric levels are just some examples. Essentially, we think not only about the act, but also... Read more »