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Why the Manti Te'o Fake Girlfriend Story Can Go Either Way

When it comes to the recent Manti Te’o story, some people want to feel very bad for him… Others can’t help but be convinced he was a part of it because in this day and age, it’s TOO unbelievable that he wouldn’t have done more digging to verify how real she was. (Although there IS... Read more »

Break Up By Facebook, Text Or Email? One Third Of Us Already Have!

Break Up By Facebook, Text Or Email? One Third Of Us Already Have!
C’mon Social Networking Junkies, tell the truth: Would you use Facebook to help do your dirty work? Like, say, break up with someone? How about ask someone out? If all of you said you would do no such thing (’cause of your moral code or something), then you have to be fibbing. Or, a new... Read more »

Dating Site Told You You're Hot? Well, Maybe You're Not!

This (funny and slightly twisted) piece of news just in: Dating site (which I’ve mentioned before has apparently dumped 30,000 people off of their online community, according to What, you ask?! Here’s the skinny: apparently, the site was attacked by the Shrek virus (how appropriate), which caused the site to let in thousands... Read more »

How Common Is Electronic Dating Violence?

You often hear about online dating, tips, trends and the like all the time. And, we’re even familiar with some downsides, like online stalking, harassment. However, if you take it one step further, how often do we hear about other types of relationship negatives online — like, say, “electronic dating violence”? Admittedly, I wasn’t familiar... Read more »

Racial Stereotypes and Dating: Some food for thought

We preempt the regularly scheduled “She Says” (Which will be “He Says” next week) to bring you this bulletin… As a blogger & writer, I’m passionate to learn and break down as much as I can about all sorts of things, especially as it relates to dating and relationships. However, there are some things, for all the understanding... Read more »

Craigslist removes its 'adult section' - finally!

If there is one thing I’ve always found compelling, it’s how easy (since the internet era especially) it is to get access to sex. Seriously. It’s like you can turn on your computer and there are ads screaming at you for online dating or hook-ups or there are pornographic movies there ready to be watched…... Read more »

Chicago's a top five city for online dating? Go figure!

Newsflash to all you Chicago daters: You’re in luck! This is actually a pretty good place to be for online dating, according to some news. Apparently, the Windy City is ranked fourth in using online dating at, preceded by Miami, New York and Los Angeles. The press release, which hit just a few days... Read more »

Weird Love News: Virtual Girlfriends Cure Lonely Spells

During any dating dry spell, a person can certainly get lonely. For some, the temporary relief can come with things like sex toys, one-night stands or videos. But how about a virtual girlfriend that you can spoil rotten? According to this news story which ran on WSJ Online, it looks like it’s possible, through a... Read more »

Sext-Extortion scam leaves lonely-hearted broke AND single

I’ve always loved weird media stories, especially those on love and dating (which, you may probably be able to tell with some of the ones I share here from time to time). Because, for as much as I may talk about the highs and lows of dating, it’s stories I come across that remind me... Read more »

A matchmaker can help you find love, if you don't mind the price

In an ideal world, we’d all find our matches naturally — no help from any online aids, set-ups, whatever. However, in this day and age, it’s fair to say that sometimes we may all need a little help (just a little shouldn’t hurt now should it)? That said, it’s not unusual to pay for online... Read more »