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Sacrificing Friendship For a Fling? Not So Cool...

One of the things I love about the girls that I keep close is that despite it all, they’re loyal to the end. Sure we may clash, drive each other crazy at times… But they’re loyal, I can count on them, and when it comes to guys, we have it out so there’s no issue... Read more »

Dating Reality Check: A strong man can say he's sorry...

I’m going to go ahead and admit a broad generalization I once held when I started dating: like many ladies, I believed that men were too macho or stubborn to apologize when they’ve screwed up or did someone wrong. And, with situations like Casanova’s or Jason’s — times where I shouldn’t have tolerated most of... Read more »

Go ahead, fall in love... But it'll cost you two friends!

As I often state, I love news about relationships. Not just because I’m fascinated by random pieces of information, but because I think it’s interesting what these insights tell us about relationships…. Or, it’s fun to think about if nothing else. That said, I should go ahead and bring to your attention the latest piece... Read more »