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The Relationship Diva is written by Jenina, a former New Yorker who's fallen in love with the Windy City over the last few years, quickly diving in head first into the world of dating as a "grown-up." It was in the midst of all her experiences that The Relationship Diva was born and in the Spring of 2010, it received a Blogs by Latinas Award in the Love & Relationships category.

Today, Jenina continues to maintain her blog, The Relationship Diva on ChicagoNow. She's also written about the highs and lows of celebrity love for sites such as YourTango and Starpulse and has also published in Cafe Magazine, spoken at Chicago's prestigious Steppenwolf Theater on the subject of blogging and dating, and has done guest spots on ABC's Windy City Live, Chicago's Vocalo as well as BlogTalk and Facebook radio's Down & Dirty with Frank Fontana.

Between writing gigs, Jenina also loves to run, practice yoga. indulge in Chicago's vibrant social scene, enjoy great wines or beers and watch tons of Law & Order: SVU. Then there's watching baseball, soccer, reading a good book and listening to 90s R & B... Or pop, or classic rock, whichever comes up first on her Spotify playlist. In the meantime, Jenina continues to work, socialize and date in Chicago. Oh, and keeping her eyes peeled for her next story...

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