Why your relationship with YOU matters

Why your relationship with YOU matters

It’s amazing how quickly things change in a blink. This reality is a tough pill to swallow when you’re as big of a planner as I am.

On one hand, there’s that random busy that makes it hard to keep up with a blog (like the periods of quiet I’ve have on this site) mainly because I’ve let my off line take over, like a day job, training for a major race or even the discovery of a new love. All of those things were and are priorities to me and I’ve been able to get so much from all of that.

That all said, these were things I chose to juggle. However, in doing so, I found myself throwing myself head first and in turn, and not taking care of me.

So that’s why when my desire to push meant I was compromising my health, I realized I owed it to myself to catch my breath. At that point, it was about the relationship I had with my personal self. That what was the most important one.

When you get to that point, I decided I would shift my priority list.

With that discovery, I realized that I owed it to myself to add myself to the top of my priority list. Yes, all of those other things matter and all the other things I choose to matter. I still love my work,  my friends, my Love, Ned, and even a crazy work day, since only with the crazy can you appreciate the good.

However, as much as all of these things, its time I started being much better to myself. That also means, actually appreciating means doing more of what I enjoy, and making sure I’m being kinder to me. In turn I’m hoping that’ll make me a better steward of my life.

At that end of the day, the last thing that should happen should not be that you’ve physically pushed yourself to hard that you’ve neglected yourself.

So, I’ve opted to apply my “diva” mindset to taking care of me. That means, being observant and evaluating my own approach to life. And that especially means making sure that I’m valuing the relationship I have with myself. After all, that’s the only way people will be getting the best very of me.

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