The five types of friends everyone should have

The five types of friends everyone should have

I’ll freely admit that my base of friends have changed drastically since my 20s. Over time, like many people are inclined to do, I’ve whittled down the “excess” and now keep a very tight, core network of people. Ultimately, it’s not about quantity, but about quality. Those friends that get you through stuff and make you feel like you have partners in it for the long haul. That’s what having friends in your adulthood should look like.

That said, I’ve come to appreciate all of them, the ones that add value to my life. I’ve tried to shape out their general traits into categories… I like to consider them my “essentials”… The friends in my life that are non-negotiable.

What’s better? When your closest friends embody a couple of these traits. Any of them look familiar?

  • The Protector: This is the friend that’s got the protective trait rooted deep within her. She’s got your back, she stands up for you and she worries harder about you when you’re sick, sad or getting over a break-up. She’s a gem and you know you can count on her to rally on your side.
  • The Inspiration: This is the friend that motivates you because she’s just awesome. From putting you on to a new band to giving you that piece of work advice, she’s just where you go when you need to stay focused and back on track. She’s cool about everything, she seems to own every single moment of her life and she motivates you to achieve your own greatness.
  • The Logical One: Consider this your Yoda. This is the friend that embodies clarity. She’s got a clear frame of mind on everything and she’s fabulous at helping you put things into perspective, too. Hanging near her makes you just a little smarter and all the world is clear after a conversation with her.
  • The Sibling: You may have your moments, but at the end of the day, she’s with you through thick and thin. You feel like the connection runs deep and no matter what, she knows you so much better than anyone else ever can. She’s not only got you figured out, but she’s an expert on you. You don’t ever go too long without connecting with her because that’s how much a part of you she is. (Note: This can include your siblings, too.)
  • The Loyalist: At the end of the day, you always find your way back to each other. It’s like, one phone call after a gap in time but nothing’s changed. There’s never any drama for the time apart, either. You just accept the moments in time as hiccups, but always reconnect. It may not be super duper tight every day, but your connection spans time and several trials. And she’s there to recall just the right moment and to share new special moments when you want them.

Ultimately, these are the types of people we SHOULD be surrounded by: people that give off positive energy that makes living in this crazy world worth it.

With those kinds of friends, you can do just fine tackling the madness.

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