Cubs fans and dating in the World Series

Cubs fans and dating in the World Series

So, coming off the euphoria of Sunday’s win, we know the next few days are critical for the Chicago Cubs. I mean, we’re talking the World Series here. This is an important time for any Cubbie fan, which means it’s totally no-nonsense. As a baseball fan myself (Yankees, thank you very much), I can appreciate it. It’s almost enough to make me forget the madness that my Wrigleyville neighborhood has become these days. Almost. (However, that said, because they’ve gotten to this point, I won’t hate. I’ll appreciate)

As the Cubs have been on this journey, I’ve had informal conversations with couples and have witnessed a lot of dates happening against the backdrop of this time in baseball. Here are some of the funny little observations I’ve made about dating in this Cubs-World Series madness, especially living in a fan hot spot:

  • There’s a higher volume of bar dating: Over the last few weeks, I’ve seen tons of couples out together, wearing jerseys as they head to the bar to watch a game. I can’t say for certain, but I would be willing to bet a ton of money that this is probably a higher than normal bar visiting schedule for couples, because after all, you have to watch this piece of history together, right? There’s no better place to do that and I’m sure this is the most amount of time a random bar date with medium grade beer will be acceptable to either or both parties.
  • This is a great time to bond: It’s been an amazing time for Chicago and baseball history. This kind of momentum is fabulous reason to bond. Do you know where you were the day the Cubs made it into the World Series? The day they won Game 5? That moment gets a little more special because you’re able to enjoy it with someone, doesn’t it?
  • So much matching gear: Never, ever has it been more acceptable to match outfits with your partner than when your favorite team makes it to this momentous point in the baseball season. This is especially true if it’s been more than 70 years since your team made it to the World Series and/or you live in the Wrigleyville area.
  • You’re all about the highs and lows together: As I’ve walked by or sat in several North side bars, I’ve seen tons of fans react with so much heightened emotion… It’s really kind of amazing. Granted, the World Series in and of itself is an intense, drawn out experience for any baseball fan… BUT, when you’re hanging on every base run, every homer, every strike, every inning… It’s hard not to enjoy watching and basking in all this intensity together, right?

Regardless of how the next few days turn out, the Chicago Cubs making it this far will be fun for ALL fans. For couples, I anticipate all of the above will be especially intense. But, at least you’ll have each other to lean on.

The way I see it, I’ve decided to make light of this disruption (even IF the fever has extended to my local watering hole), and I thank the Cubs for all this couples bonding. I’m a big fan of anything that can do that, especially a run at the World Series.

Let’s go Cubs. Help keep Chicago lovers close!

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