Five songs about love and life to add to your playlists

Five songs about love and life to add to your playlists

While I’m all about finding words for everything (and sometimes have too many of them), I’ll admit that I’ve always turned to music to poetically articulate my feelings. And over the years, I’ve come across some amazing songs that in under five minutes get to the heart of it and maybe even a little more.

That all said, I’ve decided that everyone should have songs to address some of the following moments, which pretty much all people share:

  • A Life Adventure: Sometimes, we just have to chart our own path and create our own rules. Consider it a personal anthem.
  • An Ideal Romantic Relationship: Sometimes, it’s hard to identify WHAT you’re looking for in a relationship. Let a song sum up all the things you think are important!
  • An Upbeat Workout Song: What song, when you hear it, makes you run a little faster or move with a little step?
  • A Song of Forgiveness: We get mad at people we love. And if you aren’t ready to forget, that’s all you. But a song about forgiveness can be a great reminder to move past it.
  • A Kick Ass Song: Because everyone needs to feel like they just want to grab life by the horn

If you don’t have any of these, consider it! Here are some of mine.  Let them motivate you to find some of your own… Or borrow them… Or at least check out the great tunes. Some of these are classics!


A Life Adventure: Dixie Chicks, Wide Open Spaces

This song was so important for me when I first moved out to Chicago after leaving my home on the East Coast. It was my first time starting a life on my own away from the place I’ve called home and I was scared. But this song empowered me to start on my own, make mistakes, and just grow. I still feel the same way every time I hear it… Prepared to take life on! Thank you Dixie Chicks…


An Ideal Romantic Relationship: Prince Royce, Incondicional

So I’ll admit this one is a bit unfair since the world doesn’t speak Spanish. However, thankfully, there are translations, so you are more than welcome to read those lyrics, too. However, they’re so much prettier in Spanish!

The meaning behind this song is actually pretty simple (especially if you can interpret the title, which means “Unconditional”): He’s looking for a love so real, that’s it’s unconditional. It’s a nice idea. To find a love so real that “it won’t judge, dreams, suffers and forgives” (Spanish: …Que no juzga, que sueña, que sufre y perdona, un amor). Now if that isn’t unconditional (and a nice dream) then I don’t know what is. Everyone should want love that deep.


An Upbeat Workout Song: Marc Cohn, Walking in Memphis

I will admit, this song is a strange little gem because it’s much less about the lyrics and more about the feeling and the story that this song tells. This autobiographical tale of his journey and experiences in Memphis is great because it’s super uplifting and it’s inspired. The song picks up in beat and balances between piano solos and gospel music… It’s a great pick me up! I love this song so much, it’s woven into my running playlist for long runs. Every time I hear it, I swear I pick up the pace. Now that’s a workout song.

A Song of Forgiveness: India Arie, Wings of Forgiveness

When I’m hurt, I’m hurt… And sometimes it gets so hard to forgive! When I heard this song and India’s uplifting lyrics, I realize that it may not be easy to forgive… But it’s certainly a sign of strength if you can try. My favorite lines?

…I have found that the art of simplicity
Simply means making peace of your complexity

And then a little later…

…Found the game of love is about how much you can take
In fact, authentic love is about how much you can give

Hear the song for yourself.

A Kick Ass Song: It’s My Life, Bon Jovi

This song needs (almost) NO introduction. It’s a classic!

Your life. Your rules! This song is empowering, and sort of a personal fight song for living life the way you want to and FOR you. As the song says, “it’s now or never.”

It’s that simple.


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