Five relationship insights backed by studies

I will be the first to freely admit that as a person who writes/analyzes/fusses/theorizes on relationships, I LOVE studies and research on the topic. I mention them often on this site and truth of the matter is, in many cases, sometimes the findings can be insightful if you apply them to a larger context or take a look at your love life. Or for me, it gives me a leg to stand on when digging deep into love and all that tricky stuff.

But, for the many wonderful studies out there, there are also many that leave you scratching your head in confusion. Simply put, the question you ask yourself is… “Did that tell me anything about my relationship I couldn’t figure out already?”

That all said, these are the things that crossed my mind as I came across some random research that’s been released or written about in the last month or so. However, I thought I would add a slightly quirky slant to it and highlight just why these research findings are quite practical, albeit obvious.

Below, you’ll find a gallery that can take you through each one with some links to reference to other coverage and stories.

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