Could Amanda Bynes Be Smarter Than We Think?

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Here’s a random truth for you: I was a huge Amanda Bynes fan once upon a time. Since her early days on Nickeloden, actually. To me she was sort of the female Jim Carrey. Only a girl, pretty and closer in age. But whatever. She was cool. She was funny. And she seemed to anti-Hollywood because she was comfortable with being the cooky, funny girl that made you laugh.

So, you can imagine that I would be following her situation quite closely. Not just this extreme week, mind you, but when the reports first trickled in 2012 on her DUI and running away from a cop. At first, I was in total denial and assumed this was being blown way out of proportion. It’s not like it would be the first time, right?

But then there were more driving incidents and violations… And these strange photos and comments on Twitter. Now this whole “bong-crazy wig-court appearance” Amanda has left a shell of the lovable sweetie we all knew behind. While tons of news reports prematurely predicted that the girl was just plain nutty, the recent TMZ story that states that apparently her behavior isn’t so over the top that she needs to be evaluated.

This is about the point that I hope you’re asking the same thing I initially did: Say what?! What sane person would DO these things?

Then I thought again. If these actions aren’t enough to consider further evaluation… Could these things all be part of some type of crazy plan to get a little spotlight? And she’s doing just enough without going over the edge to get noticed?

OK, OK. Maybe that theory is a bit of a stretch. But that said, it wouldn’t be the craziest thing a celeb has done to get noticed. In fact, it could make clear and logical sense if you consider a few things:

  • Things have been slow for her: After all those vehicular incidents, she just kind of… Faded. Why NOT stir up a bit of news? And right before Memorial Day? Classic!
  • She is good at playing exaggerated parts: I mean come on now. She’s the Man? The Amanda Show? Hairspray? Amanda’s strength is that she’s excellent at playing exaggerated characters. Hence, could she be putting her talent to good use? Maybe.
  • She’s had time to research: Celebrity meltdowns are so easy to research. Lindsay Lohan is all over the media… Then there was that Britney thing a little while back with the whole shaved head
  • Right now, the courts don’t think it’s enough: Apparently, she has to do even more strange things! Which means right now, it’s just eccentric.

Granted, I’ll admit that I’m even worried and wouldn’t have thought she could go this over the edge. That said, I’m not quite ready to give up on her yet and hope this is a period of rebellion… And not much more than that.

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