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Five Love Lessons Hollywood Taught Us In 2012

Not to beat this one into the ground any more than the world already did, but the revelation of Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders on their loved ones rocked the world and took everyone by surprise. But should it have? 

Simple, obvious truth here: Famous or not, cheating isn't new. But the biggest lesson, beyond any other one or any other interpretations is that everyone has issues -- and no one is free of making mistakes or dealing with the ramifications as a result. Period.
If you were paying attention, you noticed 2012 (like every year) was a huge year filled with celebrity relationship drama. But if you pay attention beyond the headlines, you’ll see that there were bigger lessons and takeaways about love, beyond the people in the situations themselves. None of these are perfect equations by any means,... Read more »

Three Grown Up Holiday Situations In A Relationship

Three Grown Up Holiday Situations In A Relationship
So, the last few months have been a whirlwind and with good reason. Mainly because of turning the big 30 (you read right), finding amazing opportunities in my professional “grown up” life and taking real milestones as one half of a relationship. Essentially, I realize that I’m really and truly an adult. And when it... Read more »