Why the Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Divorce Isn't A Total Shock

Why the Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Divorce Isn't A Total Shock

So remember that day when Tom Cruise decided he needed to hop on a couch to shout his love for Katie Holmes to anyone that would listen?

Well, that should have been the foreshadowing that something was inevitably wrong. I’m sure everyone had seen this said a million times, but was it really all that necessary to showcase that level of intensity? Probably not. If anything, it probably made it even less believable.

That said, I took a minute. Then I realized that in reality, I wasn’t all that shocked. Simply put, there were a few things that stood out. So I started theorizing… And here’s what I came up with:

It may have been an arranged marriage…

Not sure if you remember, but I sure do: the several stories that Tom screened actresses for the role of his wife… And Katie was FOURTH on the list — after a few other lovely starlets. This story has floated around for a while, but it does raise the question as to why he would NEED to audition girlfriends. And then, land and move forward with his fourth choice. At this point, it raises two interesting questions (a) Was he happy with his leading lady? (b) Why did he even NEED to audition a leading lady?

Katie’s movie career took a back seat…

Before Tom, Katie did quite a bit of acting. Not blockbusters, but she was a busy girl. Dawson’s Creek, Phone Booth with Colin Farrell, Pieces of April… Now, of course during their courtship in 2005, she was a busy girl (Remember a little movie called Batman Begins?) And then dipped out of the movie scene for two years. Yes this was in part because of being a new mom. But was it solely because of that?

… And her status changed!

One 2006 hit, Katie became a mom and a socialite. Not quite actress as much as her interviews for quite some time were about her wardrobe, workout routine, being a new mom, playdates, scientology… Anything but her acting career.

Essentially, Katie was Kate (to Tom), she was  more glam than the sweet girl we fell in love with… And just like that she went from actress to an A-Lister’s wife.

Why they really broke up we may never know. But, if nothing else, this is a great case study to showcase that romance doesn’t (and shouldn’t) come in a bottle… Nor does it always come in the form of a fairy tale wedding in an Italian Castle.



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