25 Relationship Lessons To Learn By Age 30: Part I

25 Relationship Lessons To Learn By Age 30: Part I

#1: People will come and go… But the best of friends will always be around. Period.

At a very young age, I had a hard time believing that friendships could ever change, especially with my nearest and dearest. If people were really friends, then there’s no way that will ever change… Right?

Sheesh. That would be true… If people and time stood still, that is.

Now that’s not to say friendships like that don’t exist. Two of my closest friends I’ve known for at least 15 years and even with spaces of time, we can still hop on the phone like we’d only stopped talking a couple of days and not a couple of months.

Nonetheless, I’ve had WAY too much trouble with this one. I just didn’t think friendships were one of those things that could ever be messed with. But, I got a good dose of reality recently when one of my closest friends and I met face to face after what had to have been nearly two years. She and I had both been hurt because in both of our minds we hadn’t been there for each other… And like many folks we let our own speculations get into our heads: who didn’t do what, who did do what… And I suddenly realized that in picking at the little things, I was missing a whole lot. Like getting to know her life now, or growing into adulthood together.

We had a heart to heart  and said so very many things that we just needed to say. In short it was awesome. And I realized how much I missed my friend.

I don’t know that I can say that I’ve made peace with all these feelings. But truth be told, I’m even more freaked out by the thought of going back down this road with her. And that’s worth putting the old drama aside.

Lesson learned? Life will change and so will people. But the ones that matter always find their ways back to each other. And once I got that, all that matters is making sure you keep those valuable folks nearby. The rest, if it’s meant, will indeed fall into place.

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    Great post! Friendships really do get hard as you get older. I've experienced this myself, although I'm happy to say I still have a few friends that I've known since elementary school!

  • Thanks! I agree. Truth is, it's a lot of work... And you have to be willing to put it all in there. No doubt about that one.

  • How about just listing all 25 in one post? If you're going to write 25 separate articles, some of us will be over 30 by the time you're done.

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