Mother's Five Best Love Lessons

Mother's Five Best Love Lessons

Growing up, I was raised by my grandmother and aunt — very  strong, passionate women and both essentially mothers to me my whole life. While my grandmother was more of a traditional woman, my aunt had a great view of both sides of the coin, although both quite opinionated… Although when it came to love, they DEFINITELY had opinions.

Looking back, I can say that both their opinions were quite valuable — wisdom which I realized later came from each of their loves and losses. Now, I not only appreciate them but get them LOUD and clear.

So, in honor of Mother’s Day, I combined some of the best gems they ever shared with me, below:

  • Hard-work is a wonderful value. He doesn’t have to have much, but if he’s committed to working hard, that SAYS a lot: This one’s timeless, because it’s simple and TRUE: any man that doesn’t mind breaking a sweat is well worth it because it’s a good sign he’s willing to stick it out for the long haul
  • Choosy is NOT a bad thing: When you’re talking about finding a mate, why not being particular?
  • Don’t be afraid to fight: This to me meant a lot: fight for success in your relationship, argue and express a point a view… Relationships are a roller coaster so you can’t be afraid of any point of the ride
  • Support is a two-way street: As much as you want to be supported and nurtured… You may want to be sure to show that warmth and love right back
  • There is more than ONE chance at love: The first one isn’t always THE one — and that’s OK. So, don’t be afraid to move on and find someone new because, low and behold… There may be another — a better one — the RIGHT one — waiting on the other side. WHY would you want to miss a chance at that?

Love lessons that NEVER go out of style! Got any of ’em?

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