Dear Chicago Men: Bring Sensitive Back in 2012

Dear Chicago Men: Bring Sensitive Back in 2012
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Dear Men/Guys of Chicago (Regardless of Status*):

I recently came across a study published by that made me sigh a little. It called out the top 10 cities to find the Most Sensitive Men. And lo and behold… Chicago wasn’t on it!

I won’t say this surprised me, exactly. After all, this isn’t the first list Chicago hasn’t been on. I mean, we, a top 3 city by population, didn’t even make the list of top cities to find a date! In fact the ONLY Midwest representation for this Most Sensitive List was Indianapolis, Indiana, and that’s a whole three or more hours away! 

But, I will admit this list made me think. See, in the seven years I’ve spent living here, I’ll admit that I’ve done a total emotional roller coaster about you guys. And, while I’ve met some here and there that are total sweethearts, I was always on the fence about whether Chitown men are altogether the most sensitive — or show emotion for that matter.

Then I thought again. No, see, I know Chicago men can show emotion, which rears its head in the funniest of ways: whether it’s love for your sports teams — Bears, Cubs, White Sox, Blackhawks… Or if it’s love for a good drink, comedy, bar scene, party… Or those secret sweeties I see holding their girlfriends’ hands or serving as protectors for their lady friends out on a Saturday night. See… You didn’t think I noticed you guys did you?

No, I see glimpses of emotion rear its head from Chicago men. Is it often enough? Probably not. Maybe those Miller High Lifes get to your head sometimes, I’m not sure. But the potential’s there and that should count for something.

So, true: maybe Chicago isn’t overrun with soft, lovable men. But this city DOES have some of them… And for 2012, I hope you’ll consider this modest dose of advice: make a resolution to bring sensitive back the way Justin brought sexy back. After all, you see how well it worked for him? Who’s to say it couldn’t work for YOU?

Don’t get it twisted. Many of these lists are crap — I’ll agree. But maybe, just maybe… Your touch of sensitive can WORK in your favor.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with your inner sensitive dynamo. I know it’s in there somewhere. This just may make your 2012 an interesting one! Or at least better than your 2011. Just sayin’…

Try it out — and let me know how it goes.


The RD


*For humor purposes



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  • Dear RD,*

    When will we find that list of the cities with the toughest women?

    Just a note to those women who cry and emote at the drop of an innuendo, please suck it up. The only people who cry today are politicians looking for the "sensitive" vote. You don't want to be confused with one of those loathsome creatures.

    Women and wimpy politicians: make this your slogan for 2012: Trade the tears for beers! And not the stuff that needs another trip through the camel.

    *For humor purposes

  • What the &^%$& are you talking about?

  • In reply to Dennis Byrne:

    Hi Dennis -- Just having fun with one of these random lists that come out all the time.

  • Hey Richard,

    I'll be on the lookout for the list of the cities with the toughest women. Wonder if Chicago would be on it?

  • You're from NYC i'm sure you have ran into plenty of d.b's in your lifetime,

    i take those rankings with a grain of salt, becuase i know who i am

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