Three Reasons Tim Tebow Is Dateworthy

Three Reasons Tim Tebow Is Dateworthy

There’s NO way you could miss all the chatter about Tim Tebow. The quarterback of the Denver Broncos — who, despite the odds has managed to thrust his team and himself into the spotlight — has baffled commentators and created a very polarizing community of naysayers… But still manages to have a huge group of followers who follow his every move. Dubbed “Tebowmania”, the QB has been covered by People Magazine, started a phenomenon known as Tebowing (which has even gotten school kids suspended) and has had a slew of specials on sports channels that even rival Kardashian reruns on E!

But I digress.

Although I’m not a Broncos fan, I watched last night’s game, on the edge of my seat to see if Tim Tebow could somehow manage to take the skilled QB Tom Brady and legendary New England Patriots. Granted, he did no such thing — after all, he WAS playing Tom Brady. But, even after the game was long over, Tebow has still been the focus, making headlines like crazy, and a top search on Google, while commenters wonder if his “streak” has come to an end.

Sure, this has been a little exhausting (or a lot). But in looking at him, and all this hype, I was able to learn about him, enough so that he not only looks BETTER, but has a few attributes that would make him total date-material (beyond his looks). I thank People Mag for pointing out a couple of these, although I’ve got a couple of my own:

  • He’s playing the V-Card: As far as the reports go, it looks like this guy has not done the horizontal mambo, saving himself for marriage. Whether that’s super good game (which I’ve heard said a few times), or not, you better believe it has caused a FANTASY phenomenon of eager ladies craving to crack that nut, so to speak. Lesson here? While many like their partner experienced, having a guy who can own that he’s waiting– and not feel that it threatens his masculinity — is just as appealing, if not even more so.
  • He’s a Faith Guy: Yes, the religion thing is VERY apparent. And I’ll admit, it IS a little overwhelming for me, and I’ve been known to do a little believin’ of my own. But, I think his display of it is important, not because he believes in God, but that he’s SO comfortable with his convictions, he’s OK publicizing them. And, any dude that doesn’t have fear about something like that is likely to be down for the tough stuff, or fighting for you should it come down to it. Lesson here, simply put, is that he’s not afraid of believing in something. Very important, especially when it comes to long-term relationships.
  • He’s Accepts Fame — and Loss — With Grace: Say what you will. The guy, for being so hyped, has done a great job of just being gracious about all of it. He may not be the best on the field, but even after his loss he went and spoke to the Patriots players and express sincere congratulations. Plus, he is working with the guys on his team, who, with Tebow at the helm, have been thrust into the spotlight, even putting them at the top of the AFC West rankings. In short, win or lose, he’s gracious — not all that easy to come by.

Who knows where this Tebow hype will land? But in the meantime, it can be said that not only does the dude seem cool, but possesses some pretty admirable qualities, too. Ones that would make him a desirable, stand-up man for the right woman.

Now that’s got winner all over it.


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  • People like Tebow who invoke religion for everything come off as phony to me. I can't stand people like that. It sounds narcissistic to me. I criticized his lack of football skills once. That blog got retweeted by the denver post and I got major backlash. Mostly of the racist kind.

  • I can see that. And the religion thing as I mentioned, has been overwhelming, even for me. But I find it interesting that he can be so gung ho about something that can otherwise cause a divide with so many people. So many people try to fly under the radar with that, but he's not. I wonder if it's a gimmick or gutsy, but it's done the job of getting people to notice, I would say.

  • Yeah we're talking about it . ha ha I don't think he's a bad person it's just he is treated like some sort of messiah. One of my friends think I'm obsessed about Tebow. ha ha I am just trying to make sense out of all of this because it defines all logic.

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    I thought Tebow's already dating Jesus?

  • I'd rather get with someone like Tebow than some of these other sexed-out, baby's daddy athletes.
    As for his lack of experience, that's not something that takes a lot of sense to learn. I'm sure when he meets his bride he'll be able to make her a very happy woman.

    I guess it's not cool to be a Christian. Why is his faith so off putting.

  • I agree with @kinsmankind. Truthfully, religion is such a polarizing topic that it is easy for people to take sides or be sensitive when you talk about it too much. And too much faith talk gets preachy. No ne likes being preached to.

  • I'm a Christian and sometimes we can be a bit much. We don't win souls being too pushy. We shouldn't be shy about our faith either. I sense an anti-Christian sentiment in the media.

    I don't think that's the case with your artlicle, which was funny and clever. Thanks.

  • As for Tebows strong religious beliefs, I believe they are genuine, but still did not qualify him to assist performing a circumcision in the Phillipines clinic founded by his father! Beyond that, with current politics and politicians falling all over themselves to profess their devout selves, a lot of us are a bit sick of it and somewhat suspicious. As for his girlfriends and future wife, I would imagine he expects to find a virgin! Perhaps he will travel to the Virgin Islands for her?! sorry, bad pun

  • I've been visiting with my brothers in another city and ESPN is always on, so of course I've been hearing all about Tim Tebow. My brother is a huge fan and I'm pretty smitted by his talent, faith and overall manliness. He's definitely one of the good guys.

    Date-able? Fo' sho'.

    Fun post!

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