Dear Kim Kardashian: The Upside To This Divorce Thing

Dear Kim Kardashian: The Upside To This Divorce Thing

Dear Kim:

The world is aflutter with news of your recent split, which I’m sure you’re well aware of. How, after 72 days (which all the sites seem stuck on), do you file for divorce, they all wonder? Since TMZ broke the news, there isn’t one site that hasn’t mentioned it and isn’t curious as to WHY. After all, you once told People Magazine that rumors were so common, you didn’t even think about them anymore — a good mindset to have when everything you do attracts attention! Even a minor spat with your hubby, which really could have been for ANY REASON (and  something that’s pretty common) was reason to set up the alarms.

This certainly isn’t the first very public split you’ve had, of course. (I was personally into following the Reggie split, and would be lying if I said I didn’t hope you guys would make it.) But, following a well-publicized wedding, there was no way this was going to stay quiet. As a constant media headliner, I’m sure you knew that, too.

That said, while everyone will fixate on the duration of your brief nuptials (even I was a little tripped out), that’s not where I’m taking this. Sure, I’ll admit I was a little doubtful on the staying power of your relationship and almost thought you wouldn’t get hitched. But, like I said, this isn’t really about all of that.

Nope, instead, I’m writing this to highlight how certain I am that this is simply, a mere blip on the radar.  I also don’t doubt you having a new beau very soon, and in the near future, too. See, even in just following pieces of your life in the very vocal media, it’s hard not to keep up with the gorgeous men you keep company with: Reggie Bush, Gabriel Aubrey, Michael Copon and even that cutie bodyguard… It’s been a Hot Man Fest! And Kris, while seemingly sweet, would not have been many people’s first pick, but he seemed to make you happy, which is all that counted back then, right?

That said, I’m thinking this thing with Kris will blow over and you don’t have much to worry about. And here’s why:

  • Staying single is getting cooler: People are waiting to get married, mainly because they can. So, if you can pick WHEN you want to get hitched, then why not just wait it out until  you find your right guy?
  • You Need YOU Time: If anything, I’m glad you figured this out now, regardless of what comments would arise. Now, all I hope is that you give yourself a little “YOU” time before thinking of taking the plunge again. After all, if your plans for life down the road aren’t on the same page, you could find yourself juggling all this again. And that would be no fun.
  • It’s a smart business move: With your shows, businesses and massive social calendar, did you really need the immediate complications of things like pre-nups, living thousands of miles apart, and all the other mess that may have contributed to your break up? Not at all. Besides, not only did the pre-nup business sound intense (and a legal nightmare), but to build your empire you need a man that can make yours larger — and I think it was pretty clear you were holding your own and then some in this relationship with Kris.

If anything, this is good insight on why a somewhat extended courtship could be a good one. (Not that it is always, but could be) So, until the next Prince Charming comes around (because we all know there will be another), kiss your Kris troubles away, go on a shopping spree, have a margarita somewhere the weather is hot and wait for all this to blow over. I’m sure the next hottie is waiting just around the corner anyway….

My guess is this will be a blip on the radar — or maybe a special series on TV, I would think. (Now that’s capitalizing it for you)

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Note: Just injecting a bit of humor into media madness…


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  • Some said why, including:
    --Humphies wanted to move to Minnesota, Kim didn't.
    --Kim was too involved in reality TV, while Kris was hanging out as a locked out NBA player.
    --The wedding itself was a reality TV stunt.

    The US Magazine story had a link to an earlier story "Kim Kardashian, Kris Humphries Make Out in Pool on Honeymoon" with a video including him picking her up by her ample posterior. Maybe he strained himself.

    As for a legal point, some of the copiers in the press asked why it was a divorce and not an annulment. TMZ (10/31/2011 8:47 AM PDT) had the California Judicial Council form, and it appears that California doesn't have annulment, but only nullity of the marriage for fraud, bigamy (and big of you), incest, physical incapacity and the like.

  • Thx Jack for including some of these details! I've seen all sorts of stories including the whole move to Minnesota thing. And I'll admit I thought the whole thing was a stunt given their whirlwind courtship. (And the numerous stories on a pre-nup? Oy)

    That said, it also gave me a chuckle how surprised people have been so like all else, I thought it would be interesting to share a different slant on it. Wouldn't be surprised if we see another match up soon...

    Gotta love the circus this has become.

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