Will & Jada Rumors: Just Another Bump In The Hollywood Road?

Will & Jada Rumors: Just Another Bump In The Hollywood Road?
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If EVER there were a couple that we love in Hollywood (and seem to embody happiness), it’s Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. A gorgeous couple with super cute, talented off-spring, you would have to think they’re the Dream Couple — and Dream Family, for that matter.

So, when the internet was ablaze with their relationship being on the rocks (thanks to InTouch Weekly‘s initial story), with stories running in bulk about a proposed split (like the one that ran on the Philadelphia Inquirer‘s site), you would think the world had come crashing down.

Now, the couple is frantically doing damage control, already releasing a statement that’s run everywhere, including People.com. And, the couple’s son has even taken to his Twitter page to put the rumor to rest, sending out many tweets along the same vein in order to reassure the the world that the couple is still very much together.

However, what makes this story interesting (and raises the questions on whether it’s true) are two pieces of information:

  • The tidbit, that may be a little less common knowledge (if you aren’t quite as up on them), is the issue of the pair having an open marriage, rumors which started after a story last year on TV One’s The Spin.

“…is there somebody right for a nice night? Maybe. But somebody that can sustain our life and sustain what we’ve built together, absolutely not,” she was quoted as saying in the June 2010 story.

  • The rumor that Jada had an affair with Marc Anthony, following his recent appearance as her love interest on her show HawthoRNe, according to NY Daily News. (And that on the heels of Marc Anthony’s recent split from Jennifer Lopez)

Sure, right now the PR machine for the couple is putting out fires on the story. But, if the couple IS facing some trouble, it’s not one they’re willing to admit right away, that’s for sure. Plus, Will’s son Trey taking to his Twitter page to defend his father and stepmom doesn’t sound like a kid who’s all in the loop of any split.

Yes, a Will and Jada split would be quite the disappointment. But, as two consenting adults, they’ve made every decision about their relationship together. And they have a blossming, supportive family that, at least for now, is standing together on the issue.

At this point, all we can do when it comes to Will and Jada is wait it out. And whatever they have going  (and that includes any marital arrangements) is all on them. Besides, I’m sure it wouldn’t be the first arrangement of this sort in Tinseltown. However, unless we hear more, maybe speculation doesn’t help.

In any case, it seems that they kind of want to be left to figure it out and they should. For superstars like them, it’s just another bump in the road, don’t you think?

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