New Study Says Cuddle Time More Important For Men

New Study Says Cuddle Time More Important For Men

Ladies, NEWSFLASH. This little piece of news is pretty nice: men need frequent kissing or cuddling time to be happy in relationships, according to a new study cited in in the Daily Mail.

Now I should probably say right here that the study focused on middle-aged couples (people that have been together for about 25 years), but still some pretty great insights worth sharing.

The Scoop: Apparently, More than 1,000 couples were polled for this and some great revelations were made, including some of these tidbits from the Daily Mail story:

  • Men in a committed relationship are more likely to report being happy. Meanwhile, women are more likely to say they are satisfied with their sex lives!
  • Tenderness in a long-term relationship is more important to middle-aged men than it is to women
  • For men, relationship happiness was more likely if the man claimed being in good health and if it was important to him that his partner experienced orgasm

What does stuff like this tell us? Well, it’s a safe wager that if you’re talking “Til Death Do Us Part” with someone, you’re going to want to make sure that the fire isn’t waning out. And it seems that men are just happy settling into a relationship — and with the person that makes them most happy.

Which now leads us to the question of the ladies!

Although to that, the study DOES point out that happiness can vary between cultures, with those of Japanese heritage being much happier than Americans and Brazilians. But apparently, the Spanish were less happy than Americans!

Definitely worth checking out the article. How does closeness and tenderness fare out on your radar?

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