Breaking Up Really DOES Hurt, So They Say

Breaking Up Really DOES Hurt, So They Say
Not to beat this one into the ground any more than the world already did, but the revelation of Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders on their loved ones rocked the world and took everyone by surprise. But should it have? Simple, obvious truth here: Famous or not, cheating isn't new. But the biggest lesson, beyond any other one or any other interpretations is that everyone has issues -- and no one is free of making mistakes or dealing with the ramifications as a result. Period.

So like most gals, when I’ve broken up with someone (or they’ve broken up with me) I’ve nursed it several ways: ice cream, going out with the girls, trying to find someone new to pass the time with… Anything to ease the sting…

But, as it turns out, there’s also a PHYSICAL pain associated with breaking up. Who knew?!

Looks like ABCNews did a story on it just last week…

Key insights revealed in the article?

  • Grieving increases the risk
    of heart attacks and rejection can lead to depression and avoidance of
    other relationships.
  • There’s actually a
    biological link between social pain and physical pain, something that
    has been long suspected (RD Theory: Maybe THIS is why high school was such a mess for so many people. Being a bundle of emotions topped off with the fact that all  you want to do is fit in, be cool or find your own space in the teenage bubble?! Cha-ching!)
  • The physiological link also helps explain why many people respond to
    social pain and physical pain in similar ways. Rather than deal with
    the emotions of a break up,
    people often avoid them and shun other relationships (Ah ha! THIS is why it makes it so hard to move on to the next one, huh?)

When you think about what people are willing to do for love, it makes sense to think it would really hurt when it ends. Matters of the heart have caused wars and it’s also the stuff some of the best songs are made of. How else can someone write gut-wrenching music lyrics if they haven’t experienced their first heartache? (I think that’s a saying, too, isn’t it?)

Anyway, I’d read the study on ABC’s website for sure, but definitely interesting stuff! And it also explains why Ben & Jerry’s may seem like a suitable solution for both although they don’t really help all that much…


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  • This is why gwill pays for love.

    Hurts the bank, not the soul.

    Ain't got no love for these hoes.

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