Sexy Sundays at Steppenwolf Theater Bring Out Chicago's Sexiest Bloggers

Sexy Sundays_Steppenwolf.gif

While there are tons of things going on in the world of The RD, here’s the hottest (right now): this Sunday, at 5:30, you’ll get to hear her talk about the fine line between public and private when it comes to dating, sex & blogging. Tricky combination, let me tell you!

Now the question is: Why the truth-telling session?

Well, it’s a part of the Steppenwolf Theater’s showing of the new, successful play “Sex With Strangers” which deals with just that — what happens when you put your private life on blast… And how it affects the people in it. (Now THAT’s worth watching!)

But, this panel is a don’t miss, and other bloggers dishing with me include Ana Fernatt (Accidentally Sexy) and Clarisse Thorn (Time Out Chicago).

For more info and for tickets (only $5) visit the Steppenwolf’s page on the panel, known as “Professionally Sexy”. Cute, huh?

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